Our natural products

In our mountain farm we have always focused on animal welfare and organic farming of our raspberries and strawberries. For us it is very important to work in an environmentally friendly way and especially without GMOs. Unlike large dairy farms, in our farm there are only about 18 dairy cows. From the milk of the cows in the farm, we produce, among other things, fresh cheese, butter and yogurt, made with no artificial additives. With cheese goes well syrup dandelion, that we produce following an ancient grandmother’s recipe.

Also eggs from our happy hens are delicious and very healthy, and our guests can take advantage of it. For us it is very important that our animals live in peace and happy. Only then can we ensure high quality. From our organic raspberries and strawberries, untreated, we produce delicious jams from the fabulous flavors that can be tasted especially for breakfast.


Homemade butter

Everything starts from the cow …

To produce a pound of butter takes about 25 liters of milk. The freshly milked milk is placed in a centrifuge in which fat and water are separated from each other and are cream product and skim milk. Subsequently, the cream is cooled.

The “Buttern”

Once the butter was made entirely by hand, they were handmade in oak wood with force until it was ready. Fortunately, these days the machines now avoid this hard work. In the so-called “Schlögelkübel” the cream is beaten and the fat is combined into a uniform mass. Buttermilk separates from the fat. It produces a smooth, aromatic butter. The mass is cooled and after about 12 hours formed and packed.

The composition of the butter

The composition of milk fatty acids are so light that even butter can be easily digested by those who have a weak stomach. Butter also contains a large amount of fat-soluble vitamins A, which are good for the skin, the eyes and the nervous system. In addition, a good amount of vitamin E is found in animal fat. The remaining ingredients are egg whites, milk sugar, lecithin and minerals.


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