Situated at 1.450 meters abouve the sea level, you can find one of the most ancients and traditional mountain farms of the mountains from Wipptal(Pfitsch)/Alto Adige. Along winding streets through the scenic alpin landscape from Pfitsch Vally, you can reach your destination for a dream holiday – the mountain farm of Hofer Family, under protection of cultural heritage! L’Unterbergerhof it was bild 600 years ago so it’s harmoniously part of the typical alpin landscape of Pfitsch Vally.

The idyllic mountain farm is the property from more generations of the Hofer family and was always kept with the most loveling care. The farm was always activly managed and the family sill lives, like in the old times, takeing care of the animals. Furthermore, the family creatied a supplementary flux of entries from the cultivation of the biological raspberries, in the near greenhouse. In 1995 the Hofer family decided to restructure the four apartments, in the respect for the protection of cultural heritage. It was possible to create a perfect equilibrium between the traditional architecture and the modern conveniences.


At our mountain farm the fun is assured

One holiday in the agriturismo in Pfitsch/Alto Adige together with all your family, it is all the rage! This is not surprising due to the fact that is easy to satisfy the varies expectations for a holiday. The children will find every day a hundren different ways to have fun and the parents will be able to enjoy relaxing some tranquility hours.

Together they will be able to discover the wonderfun landscape that will give them the possibility to numberless adventures. Interesting excursions, as for example the several castles near the family farm, the Museum of the mines Monteneve in the near municipality of Racinesor the “Castle Wolfsthurn”, the Museum of fishing and of the hunting in Mareta.

To our mountain family farm Unterberger in Pfitsch there are many things to be taken

For any information on our mountain farm we are always available


Holidays with the family in Pfitsch

If your holiday together with the family is in the summer or in the winter period – a holiday with your family in the mountain farm you can not get it wrong ever.  For the children, it will probably be the best and funny holiday ever, in the spirit of adventure: swings, climbing wall, rocking chair, slide slope, sand box and trampoline all in the alpine landscape of the Wipptal in Alto Adige.

Here you can experience a world full of adventure, happiness and joy together with your loved ones. For the parents will be easy to find peace in the welcoming apartments of Unterbergerhof to relax and forget the daily stress.  Do something good for you and your family – we are looking forward to have you as guests at Unterbergerhof in Pfitsch/Alto Adige.


An unbeatable team

Like tradition in Alto Adige, also in our mountain family farm in Pfitsch/Alto Adige there are a large variety of farm animals. Our little guests can experience in the first person, from where, for example, arrives the fresh and healthy milk, how many eggs can the hens do and how funny the little pigs are.

The contact with the animals in the mountain farm is not only fun, but for the children can be an educational valuable experience as well. One realize that an animal is not only for cuddle, but also it is a big reponsability. The Hofer family looks forward to introduce your children to all the animals in the farm and to explain to them the work that is to be done in the mountain farm, during a guided tour.